Trust Fund & VA Claim Assistance

Veterans Assistance

Veterans were often exposed to asbestos fibers while serving in the military and in their civilian lives. The VA offers compensation to veterans who suffered service-related exposure while claims with the trust funds provide compensation from the manufacturers of asbestos products.

Before you start an asbestos claim for VA disability or trust fund compensation, consider talking to one of our representatives. We have tens of years of experience helping veterans get approval for their claims related to asbestos exposure.

Many veterans assume that a disease diagnosed years after their service is not considered service-related by the VA. The truth is you can get approved as long as you can prove that at least 50% of your occupational exposure was caused by your military service. Asbestos Vets can help you to make that case by assisting you with VA claims.

Although the military is not at fault for veterans with asbestos-related diseases, the manufacturers of asbestos products knew for decades that asbestos was a cancer-causing mineral, and they hid this from the public. Many of these manufacturers have asbestos trust funds that can compensate veterans.

How Asbestos Vets Can Help

Call us today to connect with our specialists who can help you with your asbestos-related VA claim. Some of our services for veterans include:

Asbestos Screening

Asbestos-related diseases must be treated by specialized doctors who can correctly address them. We offer free asbestos screening in Birmingham, AL. This is a medical evaluation that can detect or correctly diagnose your disease for proper treatment.

Quality Assistance

We will explain how to document your exposure history so you can quickly get payment and benefits. Our team can assist you every step of the way. We help provide all necessary forms, information on asbestos-related conditions and more.

Filing Asbestos Trust Funds and VA Claims

We can help with the filing of the asbestos-related trust funds and VA claims. We can answer your questions and assist you in filing for many different VA benefits, including VA Disability, Pension, Aid & Attendance and Dependency & Indemnity Compensation (DIC). You may also be eligible for compensation from one or more of several asbestos trust funds.