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Trust Funds and VA Claims for Veterans Diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer

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We only get paid when your claim is approved. You don't have to pay any upfront fees. If compensation is not approved, you will not incur any out-of-pocket expenses.

Decades after service, many veterans have been diagnosed with illnesses associated with working around asbestos, including colorectal cancer. We can provide veterans affected by asbestos exposure a jumpstart on finding the medical help they need, as well as information and support in filing a claim to see that justice is served.

Veterans and Colorectal Cancer from Asbestos Exposure

Medical research suggests that the risk of developing colorectal cancer as a result of asbestos exposure is as high as that associated with other cancers and lung disorders, such as lung cancer and asbestosis. Once within the digestive system, toxic asbestos fibers can move through it and eventually reach the colon or the rectum, where they will attach themselves to tissue and gradually produce inflammation and scarring. At a certain point, usually decades after the individual undergoes exposure, inflammation, and scarring give way to a malignant tumor and colon or rectal cancer sets in. However, asbestos fibers which were inhaled can also travel through the lymphatic system or bloodstream and get to the colorectal area, inflicting the same damage.

Colon Cancer Misdiagnosis and Veterans with a History of Military Asbestos Exposure

The signs and symptoms of colorectal cancer may be minimal or even non-existent during the early stage. It is worthy of note that misdiagnosis is very common among victims of asbestos exposure, which is why we also advise you to look for a second medical opinion once you received a cancer diagnosis since even medical experts have a difficult time correctly identifying diseases stemming from asbestos exposure. Veterans with colorectal cancer carry a higher risk of developing a second primary malignancy regardless of their service areas compared to the colorectal cancer survivors in the general population. To be on the safe side, we highly recommend undergoing a colorectal cancer screening every year especially if you have a past history of asbestos exposure.

Receiving a wrong diagnosis and unsuitable treatment greatly affects your prognosis. We have a team of skilled specialists who are well equipped and experienced to provide you with an accurate diagnosis.

We Proudly Help Those Who Served Our Country

In the regrettable event that you receive a colorectal cancer diagnosis, we believe someone should take accountability for asbestos-related harms. Settlements with asbestos trust funds represent the most responsive source of financial compensation from the parties liable for your exposure to asbestos. Veterans diagnosed with colorectal cancer or another asbestos-related disease may also have the option of seeking treatment or benefits through the VA.