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Trust Funds and VA Claims for Veterans Diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer

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Inhalation of airborne asbestos fibers is detrimental to human health, already being demonstrated that all forms of asbestos are carcinogenic to humans. Veterans who have developed esophageal cancer after exposure to asbestos during active military service may qualify for asbestos trust funds compensation and VA benefits.

Risk of Esophageal Cancer Increases by 40% Due to Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos exposure in military branches has been an issue for all U.S. armed forces, as they purchased asbestos products from manufacturers who withheld information about the dangers of inhaling the toxic mineral, thus, subjecting service members who handled these asbestos products to an increased risk for health concerns.

Medical evidence confirms that there’s a connection between esophageal cancer and asbestos exposure due to the presence of fibers stuck in the throat upon biopsies and other medical tests. This type of cancer can occur following the inhalation or ingestion of toxic airborne asbestos fibers. Because asbestos fibers are shaped like small needles, they can easily embed themselves in the lining of the esophagus where they will induce scarring in the tissues, chronic inflammation as well as tumor development.

Esophageal Cancer Misdiagnosis and Veterans with a History of Military Asbestos Exposure

There are no signs or symptoms of asbestos exposure that a person could identify before a disease develops. Generally, it can take 30 to 40 years or more from the time of initial exposure until the first symptoms. Many of the early symptoms of esophageal cancer such as difficulty swallowing, chronic cough, or chest pain can be associated with common disorders of the respiratory system.

If you have a history of military asbestos exposure, it is of utmost importance to undergo a biannual medical examination, which will help prevent late detection of any unfortunate condition that has developed. In most instances, veterans that are victims of asbestos exposure will most likely have asbestos fibers in their lungs, regardless of any signs or symptoms.

Receiving a wrong diagnosis and unsuitable treatment greatly affects your prognosis. We have a team of skilled specialists who are well equipped and experienced to provide you with an accurate diagnosis.

Compensation for Vets with Diagnosis of Esophageal Cancer

If you have been diagnosed with esophageal cancer and you have a well-traced history of military asbestos exposure, it is essential to know that you may be eligible for monetary compensation. We can help you get access to compensation through asbestos trust funds and VA benefits as well.