Trust Fund & VA Claim Assistance

Get Screened for Asbestos Fibers

Veterans may be eligible to file a VA claim when they have a documented, service-connected and asbestos-related diagnosis. But for several asbestos-related conditions, having a diagnosis isn't enough.

To make sure that your case matches the criteria for eligibility for compensation benefits, the diagnosis requires confirmation by further testing.

We aim to help you by providing free confirmatory asbestos screening in Birmingham, AL. Our asbestos screening process is a medical evaluation necessary for those veterans who have been diagnosed with any of the following asbestos-related conditions:

  • Asbestosis
  • Pulmonary Fibrosis
  • Pleural Plaques
  • Diffuse Pleural Thickening
  • COPD
  • Bladder Cancer
  • Pleurisy
  • Lung Nodules
  • Asthma
  • Emphysema
  • Tuberculosis
  • Chronic Bronchitis
  • Pleural Effusion
  • Pneumonitis
  • Histoplasmosis
  • Rounded Atelectasis

How to Get Screened

Veterans who have been diagnosed with any of the above-mentioned medical conditions and wish to access a free confirmatory asbestos screening procedure can travel to Birmingham for specialty care which may involve pulmonary function tests, X-rays, and CT scans. Asbestos Vets is committed to all veterans living with asbestos exposure and disease. Veterans interested in these activities may complete the form below or call 866.537.0318.

90% of the veterans that came in for our screening tests have tested positive and we were able to qualify them for asbestos trust funds and VA claims.

If you are unable to travel to Birmingham we will keep your information and we will let you know when a facility opens closer to your location.

Veterans Immediately Eligible for Disability Compensation

Veterans who have been diagnosed with the following medical conditions are immediately eligible to apply for asbestos trust funds and VA disability compensation: 

  • Lung Cancer
  • Bronchial Cancer
  • Mesothelioma
  • Esophageal Cancer
  • Throat Cancer
  • Gastrointestinal Cancer
  • Colorectal Cancer

If you are a veteran found to have one of the above-mentioned asbestos-related diseases and you consider that it may be related to military service, firstly, you would want to make an asbestos trust fund compensation claim. An asbestos trust fund claim, when approved, will entitle you to payment and would make it easier to prove your military asbestos exposure for a further VA claim.

Asbestos bankruptcy trusts protect people who deserve compensation from asbestos companies and require different paperwork and demands for eligibility than VA claims.

Each asbestos trust fund may have also slightly different requirements, but most have similar guidelines:

  • Substantial proof of military asbestos exposure
  • Complete documentation of the medical diagnosis

Asbestos Vets can inform you of the exact eligibility requirements for every trust fund. If you meet the criteria, we can assist you in gathering the necessary documents and evidence, such as military service documents and full medical records to make your trust fund and VA claim.

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