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Trust Funds and VA Claims for Veterans Diagnosed with Chronic Bronchitis

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Veterans who have developed chronic bronchitis as a result of asbestos exposure during their military service are potentially qualified for financial compensation ranging from asbestos trust fund reimbursements to VA benefits.

Chronic Bronchitis and Asbestos Exposure on Military Duty

Chronic bronchitis is a lung disease that restricts the flow of air into the bronchial tubes and lungs. Smoking is known as the primary cause of chronic bronchitis, however, prolonged exposure to toxic agents such as asbestos fibers can contribute to the development of chronic bronchitis, the fourth leading cause of fatality in the country.

Veterans who served as boatswain’s mate, infantryman, aircraft mechanic, damage controlman, fire control technician, hull maintenance technician, or had other military occupations, were exposed to harmful levels of asbestos. The mechanisms of toxicity and carcinogenicity of asbestos gradually cause inflammation and scarring and the inhalation of asbestos fibers can lead to chronic bronchitis, within 15 to 40 years from the first exposure to this highly toxic mineral. Due to the long latency period, veterans who were exposed to asbestos decades ago are now developing severe chronic diseases, including chronic bronchitis.

Misdiagnosis of Chronic Bronchitis and Asbestos Exposure on Duty

The symptoms of asbestos-related chronic bronchitis might be similar to the symptoms of other lung diseases like asthma and pneumonia and even lung cancer. This is the reason why misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment often occurs. The symptoms of chronic bronchitis include persistent cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, wheezing, tightness in the chest and unintended weight loss. If you experience any of these symptoms, we recommend you to call us and get screened. Your X-ray will be evaluated by our medical professionals to see if the fibers are present in your lungs.

Receiving a wrong diagnosis and unsuitable treatment greatly affects your prognosis. We have a team of skilled specialists who are well equipped and experienced to provide you with an accurate diagnosis.

Veterans Diagnosed with Chronic Bronchitis Might Be Eligible for Compensation

Veterans that were working in the close proximity of asbestos could have been exposed to the fibers of this highly toxic mineral. If you have been diagnosed with chronic bronchitis and have a history of military asbestos exposure, contact us. Our specialized staff can help you obtain the financial compensation you deserve from asbestos trust funds and VA benefits.