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Trust Funds and VA Claims for Veterans Diagnosed with Pleurisy

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We only get paid when your claim is approved. You don't have to pay any upfront fees. If compensation is not approved, you will not incur any out-of-pocket expenses.

If you suffer from pleurisy after being exposed to asbestos during active military duty we can help you receive the money you are entitled to from either the asbestos trust funds or the VA.

Pleurisy and Its Relation to Asbestos Exposure

Although just as commonly caused by lung infections like tuberculosis or pneumonia, prolonged exposure to asbestos is also likely to lead to pleurisy. The human body is not naturally designed to eliminate minerals such as asbestos fibers once these enter the lungs. This can lead to inflammation and tissue scarring that may become apparent after a period of 20 to 50 years.

Pleurisy is commonly accompanied by pleural effusion, which is the accumulation of fluid between the two layers of the pleura. This leads to a number of symptoms, like a sharp feeling of pain when breathing, which intensifies by coughing and sneezing.

Certain Military Jobs Significantly Increase the Risk for Asbestos-related Illness

Depending on their tasks, some military men were more vulnerable to asbestos exposure than others. Mechanics of all branches are near the top of the list, with a special caveat for Navy mechanics, who in addition to their working hours, also spent their free time in closed spaces. Airmen working long reconnaissance hours weren't in a much better position.

Since the disease can stem from a number of causes, a continuous medical history is especially important when pursuing a VA or trust fund disability claim for pleurisies. Where this isn't available, our researcher can build a case based on personal history.

Receiving a wrong diagnosis and unsuitable treatment greatly affects your prognosis. We have a team of skilled specialists who are well equipped and experienced to provide you with an accurate diagnosis.

Giving Back to Our Veterans

Pleurisy can lead to severe conditions such as mesothelioma (cancer of the lung membrane) which besides the physical exertion, places a serious financial burden on the patient. We are more than glad to help our veterans file a disability claim either with the VA or asbestos trust funds.