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Trust Funds and VA Claims for Veterans Diagnosed with COPD

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We only get paid when your claim is approved. You don't have to pay any upfront fees. If compensation is not approved, you will not incur any out-of-pocket expenses.

Call us today if you have recently been diagnosed with COPD as a consequence of asbestos exposure and we will help you gain access to compensations through asbestos trust funds as well as VA benefits.

Veterans Who Have Been Exposed to Toxic Agents during Service at Increased Risk of COPD

Although the leading cause for COPD is a history of tobacco use, exposure to toxic agents in the workplace, primarily asbestos, is not far behind. Asbestos dust is comprised of needle-like microscopic fibers which produce severe irritation to the lung tissue over time, leading to a number of extremely unpleasant health issues.

COPD is especially dangerous when contamination with toxic agents is identified as the root cause. A large study conducted on over 300.000 construction workers concluded that people with a history of toxic exposure were two and a half times more likely to die as a result of COPD than those who weren’t exposed to toxic agents on the job.

Thorough Medical Assessment Is Especially Important with COPD

COPD shares its symptoms with other pulmonary conditions, such as pleural thickening and pleural plaques, making it notoriously hard to diagnose accurately. To make matters worse, COPD symptoms almost always aggravate over time, and people with COPD triggered by exposure to asbestos run an increased risk of developing comorbidities such as mesothelioma and lung cancer.

This makes it especially important to seek a second or even a third medical opinion once COPD is suspected.

Receiving a wrong diagnosis and unsuitable treatment greatly affects your prognosis. We have a team of skilled specialists who are well equipped and experienced to provide you with an accurate diagnosis.

Our Team Can Help

Veterans are eligible to make both thrust fund compensation claims as well as VA claims depending on whether their condition was acquired while on active duty or on the job. Besides helping you get the money you are entitled to, our medical specialists will also provide consultation and a chest X-ray free of charge.