Trust Fund & VA Claim Assistance

How Much Will I Get?

All veterans suffering from asbestos-related illnesses can receive benefits. But many factors may influence the amounts of compensation you may get from the VA and the asbestos trust funds.

Evaluating the monetary value of your compensation and benefits is complicated, which is why you should work with specialists in asbestos claims.

We will assess your medical records, provide access to free asbestos screening, evaluate your asbestos exposure history, loss of wages, the costs of care, and emotional distress. These are frequent variables used to find the financial compensation that makes up for your suffering and losses.

VA Asbestos Disability Benefits Are Available in Many Varieties

If you suffer from an asbestos-related condition as a result of your military service, you are eligible for a VA claim. Other types of VA benefits are also available, based on factors like your income, marital status and whether or not you have dependents.

Common VA benefits for veterans or their family members include:

We will also help you find out which company exposed you to asbestos, if you don’t already know. Many companies have set up trust funds and these have baseline payout amounts set aside for victims of asbestos exposure. If your situation is unique, we may be able to help you get higher compensation than the baseline payment.

We work on contingency-based payment plans and our standard contingency fee is a 40%. You pay us nothing until your claims are accepted. It’s important to retain specialists who offer fees on a contingency basis as it shows that a firm has the financial resources available to investigate and work on your case.

Asbestos Vets can help with eligibility for filing both VA and asbestos trusts claims. Contact us today.